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EI's Consultancy Office provides access to the University’s world class academic expertise and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, enabling our clients to solve problems, implement change and validate processes and new products.

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Tiffany Wood has helped companies improve their understanding of  complex fluids

About Us

EI's Consultancy Office makes it easier for organisations to access the world class academic expertise and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that are available from the University of Edinburgh.

With over 3000 academic experts undertaking research in a wide range of disciplines, University of Edinburgh’s academic expertise is sourced and valued by organisations around the world, ranging from SMEs to multinational organisations and from governments to international development agencies.  

These world class academic consultants can provide a short-term, flexible, high-value resource offering their expertise, knowledge and opinion to help solve the intellectual and practical challenges posed by industry and governments.

Information on the research capabilities of the University's academic experts is available on the Edinburgh Research Explorer.

We are here to help you

EI's Consultancy team has an excellent track record of working with organisations to find cost effective solutions to the challenges that you are facing. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand the challenges and identify the best academic expert or facility in the University to meet your requirements in order to:

  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Develop new ideas, products or processes
  • Validate existing products or processes
  • Exploit new market opportunities

Speeding up the process

As turnaround time is usually critical, we arrange our services around a simple consultancy agreement and an agreed daily rate. These template agreements have been prepared under Scots Law using terms and conditions that we believe to be more acceptable by our industry partners.

Funding for innovation

A range of funding support initiatives are available to encourage business and industry, especially SMEs, to work more closely with universities. EI's Consultancy Office can help you identify and submit an application to the relevant funding initiative to help with your project.

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