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There are a number of funding initiatives available with the aim of encouraging business and industry to work more closely with universities and support innovation in the UK. These schemes cover product research and development, commercialisation of research and business growth.

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There are a number of Scottish funding schemes that support business innovation. Here are a few that are worthy of highlighting:

Innovation Voucher

The Innovation Voucher Scheme from Interface - the knowledge connection for business is specifically intended to encourage new partnerships between SMEs and Scotland’s universities, like Edinburgh. The awards aim to encourage a longer, sustained relationship rather than just offset the costs of the business purchasing a service from universities. The proposed collaborative project should lead to new products, services and processes that will benefit the business, the institution and the Scottish economy. Find out more »

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a leading partnership programme between a company/organisation and a university to help increase business competitiveness and productivity through the better use of the knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge-base. A recent graduate (KTP Associate) is employed to work within the company/organisation on a strategic growth project (lasting 1-3 years) and is jointly supervised by company personnel and a senior academic. Find out more »

Scottish Enterprise R&D Grant

The R&D Grant supports businesses developing new products, processes and services to improve company competitiveness and to benefit the Scottish economy. Assistance is available to businesses of all sizes located within the Scottish Enterprise network area, or for those planning to establish a base here in Scotland. Find out more »

Scottish Enterprise SMART:SCOTLAND Grant

SMART:SCOTLAND provides financial assistance to support technical and commercial feasibility studies, and research and development (R&D) projects. These awards are available to SMEs to help support projects, which represent a significant technological advance for the UK sector or industry concerned and significant technical risks should associated with the technology challenge. Find out more »

There are other funding programmes available that may be more relevant, so Contact us to discuss how we can support innovation within your organisation.

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