The University of Edinburgh has an outstanding track record of world-class research and innovation, leading to major scientific advances and ground-breaking new inventions. Such discoveries can represent significant opportunities for commercial development.

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Sue Fletcher-Watson's iPad app has been licensed for commercial development

Licensing the University’s proprietary technologies through Edinburgh Innovations (EI) offers an effective route for businesses to translate cutting-edge research into profitable new products, processes and services.

EI has over 40 years’ experience in identifying, protecting, exemplifying and licensing intellectual property with commercial potential generated by University researchers. Our experienced licensing team has a proven track record of creating win-win deals that reflect the individuality of each technology, a fair risk-reward allocation, the licensee’s needs and the University’s objective of ensuring commercial development for society’s use. The success of this approach is justified in the number of new licence agreements each year.

Importantly, signing a licence agreement with EI signifies the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. With dedicated post-licence management and administrative support on hand, we are able to ensure that our partners enjoy a productive working relationship going forward, allowing you to focus on achieving a successful commercial outcome.

Technology opportunities

Over 150 new technologies are disclosed each year which undergo a rigorous evaluation process before they are available as a technology opportunity.

For the latest innovations that are currently available to license, explore our database of technology opportunities.

We are also always happy to hear from prospective partners, so if you wish to discuss specific technology interests,please get in touch.

Online licensing

EI also offers a range of technologies that can be licensed online via instant standardised terms, called 'Click-thru Licensing'. This no fuss approach is focussed on non-exclusive licences for research reagents, software and copyrighted works (excluding those available via standard publication in peer reviewed journals).

Prospective licensees can review the licence agreement online and, if you wish to license one or more technologies, simply register and follow the simple automated ‘click through’ process to order and pay for non-exclusive licences to these technologies.

You can explore the range of click-thru licensing opportunities currently available through EI’s easy-to-use online licensing system. Find out more »

University Technology

EI was one of the founding partners in 'University Technology - Invented in Scotland', a unique collaborative initiative by Scotland’s universities to showcase new technology opportunities from Scotland’s academic research base in one convenient location. University Technology’s web portal aims to simplify the technology transfer process and make it even easier to work with Scottish universities.

Be the first to hear! A key feature for subscribers to University Technology is the 'technology alert', which delivers an email direct to your Inbox with information on any new technology opportunity that matches your specified area(s) of interest as soon as it is published.

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