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The University aims to make it as easy as possible for industry, entrepreneurs and the public generally to obtain information and ready access, wherever possible, to Edinburgh’s inventions.

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As part of Edinburgh Innovation's (EI’s) efforts to encourage knowledge exchange with business and industry, we have developed an initiative (called 'Open Technology') to provide easy access to the University of Edinburgh's inventions.

This idea of 'free' availability of intellectual property is not a new idea at the University of Edinburgh. In fact, our School of Informatics has, for many years, made software freely available using open source models.

What makes an 'Open Technology'?

EI’s Open Technology highlights a range of opportunities where technologies developed by the University of Edinburgh are made available at no cost. This includes:

  • technologies where the University has made the positive decision that further development is best achieved by making the technology openly available to all;
  • technologies where patent applications have not been pursued (for example, because the technology has already been published and it is not possible to obtain a patent);
  • software programmes developed at the University in the course of academic research that could have industrial applications and are made available under Open Source licences.

Current 'Open Technology' opportunities

We currently have 18 'Open Technology' opportunities available under this initiative:

  1. Biopolymer coatings for enhanced endothelialisation of intra-vascular devices
  2. Case-Based Reasoning Software
  3. Decontamination of Surgical Instruments with MIDAS
  4. Feeder-free culture of rat embryonic stem cells
  5. Festival Speech Synthesis System
  6. Fluorescent Probe for in vivo Imaging Phagocytic Macrophages
  7. High-resolution bioclimate map of the world
  8. I-X Technology for Intelligent Systems
  9. Low power solution for wireless communication
  10. Microelectrode for use in extreme environments
  11. OSCAR™ Gene Expression System
  12. Paget's disease genetic markers
  13. Peptide-based therapy of influenza virus infection
  14. Polymers for binding or repelling bacteria
  15. Production of biodegradable plastics from renewable materials
  16. Small-holder agriculture mitigation benefit assessment tool
  17. SNP-based assay for analysis of MRSA
  18. Synthesis of nucleoside triphosphates

Easy Access on University Technology

University Technology’s Easy Access portal offers access to certain types of intellectual property from all of Scotland's universities at no cost, using quick and simple agreements to enable companies to evaluate it and put it to use quickly, with reduced risk.

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